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Fosshape Skullcap or Base Forms

Creating a Fosshape skullcap or hat base/form

You can use any cap pattern you may already have, or simply create one. The pattern should be slightly larger than needed, as the Fosshape will shrink.

Skullcap Pattern cut from Fosshape


Below: Skullcap pattern cut from Fosshape and stitched together.


Skullcap fit over wooden head block and pinned in place for steaming. It is always best to cover the head block or form with plastic and tape


Apply steam directly to the surface of the cap, but keep the steamer moving so as to not leave marks. Hit the seams first and work your way down the skullcap.

Above: The Fosshape skullcap stiffened with steam.


Above: the stiffened Fosshape wig base ready to be fit. You can fit the cap to your specified design requirements. Trim edges , establish hairline, apply wires if needed and finish.

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