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I use for ALL of my thermoplastic necessities. I live in the city, so it is hard to get mail to arrive via apt door step. Depending on how 'odd' my cart is; they ship to my PO Box (life saver some days). My/This last order/process was particularly note worth. I became 'that' person whom needed more assistance then on average checking out. I met nothing but kindness and fast email responses. What would have taken days to figure out with alt. suppliers too only a few hours. Thank you so much for your time and patience!!

Ashlee Kalthoff

Shipping is always fast and reliable. I love the wide range of products

Tanisha Brooks

Happily got my hands on my first pro materials: Fosshape fabric and Wonderflex after recommendations from cosplay workshops! I can now craft armor and props which I couldn't before. Love the fast delivery & bonus for Canadian cosplayers, thank you!

Sarah Lou