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Worbla's Crystal Art

by Worbla

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Worbla's Crystal Art offers a moldable, sculptable translucent plastic that can be used for gems, water effects, light diffusing and so much more!

Worbla's Crystal Art is similar to Worbla's Deco Art: it comes in pellet form. You heat these pellets with a heat gun or other heat source to 110C (230F) and once activated, you can blend the pellets into a translucent workable material. Unlike Deco Art, Crystal Art remains translucent once cool, and thinner pieces are flexible.


Size: 4.4oz / 125g
Unlike Deco Art, Crystal Art has a much higher activation temperature and thermal conductivity. In short: it's hot! We suggest working with heat resistant gloves with latex or nitrile gloves overtop, and keeping your gloves and tools wet so that Crystal Art doesn't stick to things or you. Crystal Art also has a memory like rubber, which means if it is stretched out and cooled, when re-heated it will want to "rebound" to a more compressed shape. Keep this in mind when sculpting!

For more information, galleries and videos of Crystal Art in action, click here!  For complete instructions, click here!

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I absolutely love all their products