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How to Apply Devil Horns

This tutorial was originally designed to be used with Woochie Brand EZFX kits, but can be used as a guide for any latex prosthetic appliance, blood gel, and FX blood.

Application Instructions
Brush on Cinema Secrets Spirit Gum to the back of any area where the horn is touching the skin. Cinema Secrets Spirit Gum may also be applied directly to the skin, especially on larger pieces. Hold the appliance against the skin to determine proper placement. Although most of the appliances can be worn in several places, it is best to check for proper alignment of some pieces.

Edges may be trimmed for a better fit. Position the horn onto your skin in the desired area and press into place. For best adhesion, remove the horn and use the piece itself or your index finger to tack the Spirit Gum with a rapid up and down motion. This will cause the Spirit Gum to become extremely tacky. Then Firmly press the piece back into place.

Using a cotton swab or brush, apply Cinema Secrets FX Blood Gel to any area you desire to have a thick gooey look. For a more realistic look you can add Cinema Secrets FX Blood, to give you a freshly bleeding look.

Suggestions for a more Professional Look
For thinner edges, after applying the horn to your skin with Cinema Secrets Spirit Gum, the edges of the horn may be stippled, using a small piece of White Latex Sponge with a thin coat of Cinema Secrets Flesh Latex. Allow this to dry before applying a second coat. A hair dryer set on low will help speed up the drying time. Powder the dried latex when finished.

To add bruises and trauma, use the Cinema Secrets Injury Stack and a small piece of Black Stipple Sponge, stipple, using an up and down motion and a small amount of Corpse Yellow, Bruised Red, and Undead Purple. Apply the makeup from the lightest to darkest colors, starting with the yellow in the center of the bruised area and following with the red and purple around the outside edges. Using a piece of White Latex Sponge blend the colors outward from the center. Powder, with Cinema secrets Colorless Powder, this will help prevent the makeup from rubbing off easily. Dust off excess powder with damp towel or tissue.

To add scrapes and/or road rash, begin by using the Cinema Secrets Injury Stack and a small piece of Black Stipple Sponge. Overlap, using streaking/scraping motions, a small amount of the Corpse Red, Undead Purple and Black makeup colors. Powder with Cinema secrets Colorless Powder. This will help prevent the makeup from rubbing off easily. Finally, using the Cinema Secrets Blood Gel and a black stipple sponge, streak the blood on top of the makeup.

Before removing the prosthetic, the excess blood should be wiped off using a paper towel and warm water. Using a small brush or cotton swab, work a small amount of Cinema Secrets Makeup & Adhesive Remover under the edges of the horns. Be careful when working around the eyes, to not get any remover or blood in the eyes. Once removed, remove any residual adhesive/makeup by rubbing more remover into the area. Rinse the skin using a towel and warm water. For additional applications, clean the horns with soap and water and a small amount of alcohol. Let dry and store out of the damaging rays of direct sunlight.

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