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Swarovski Crystal Applicator Tool for Snaps

by Carmi Cimicata

Using: Swarovski Crystal Applicator Tool, 4-piece snap die set, Swarovski snaps, Swarovski decorative buttons

This felted collar features a Swarovski Silver/Crystal snap.

The new Crystal Applicator tool makes setting a snap very easy.

To make a snap you need four pieces. A front snap with a top and bottom and a back snap with a top and bottom.

The snap setter also has four dies: front top and bottom die and back top and bottom die.

After reviewing the instructions I took a moment to label the snap attachments so I would easily know which was the set for attaching the front or the back snap.

The crystals are considered the front of the snap. Since they are placed in the tool with the crystal face down, the item you wish to apply the snap to must go face down as well.

When you work with the tool you will need to pay attention to tops and bottoms.

Once the front snap is in place you then can change the dies on the tool and set the back.

The dies are easy to change. a screw holds each in place.

Top and bottom are now set.

Here we have layered velvet and embellished ribbon to create a simple bracelet accented with a crystal snap.

If you're not paying attention when attaching the snaps, this can happen! So be careful!

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