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Worbla's Mesh Art

by Worbla
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$9.00 - $70.00
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Mesh Art is a tan sheet, smooth on side with a plastic mesh on the other which gives it amazing strength and durability.

Like all Worbla Products, Mesh Art is non-toxic and solvent-free. Mesh Art is activated by heat (min. 80 degrees C), becomes mouldable and shapeable by hand when activated, and as all Worbla Products can be reheated endlessly until the desired shape is achieved.


Size: Sample (9 by 14 inch)

Product Highlights:


  • The mesh does not form through the product when heated and shaped, even over complex curves. This means that the surface stays smooth, comparable to Finest Art.
  • The adhesive in Mesh Art is stronger and tackier than Finest Art: this means it is even easier to blend seams and edges, but we do strongly suggest you work over a silicone sheet or parchment paper, as Mesh Art may stick very firmly to your workspace. It will not leave residue on your hands, however.
  • Mesh Art can take complex curves, both positive and negative, just as well as Finest Art. Some edges may need slightly more blending, but you will not have the dart or fold effect that Wonderflex can give.
  • Mesh Art is stronger - a lot stronger - and resistant to tearing once heated and cooled. If you need a strong supported prop or accessory, you may be able to use one layer of Worbla Mesh Art when two layers of Finest Art would have been needed. You can also reinforce an area by layering Mesh Art behind Finest or Black Art.
  • Mesh Art Scraps Can Be Recycled! Because there is a higher amount of adhesive plastic and a finer grid, scraps and bits of Mesh Art can be re-blended and used for sculpting with a surface only slightly more rough than reblended Finest Art scraps. It can also be mixed with Finest Art scraps, and even rolled into new sheets that will not be as strong as the original, but still have resilience.
  • You will still need to prime Mesh Art, the same as Finest or Black Art, if you want a flat, shiny surface for painting.
  • Mesh Art has also been partially made from recycled rice husks, as Worbla is always looking to create more sustainable, environmentally conscious products.
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    Additional gallery images are work made using Mesh Art and are not for sale.