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Easy Memory Wire Bracelet

Isn’t it wonderful when you can create something wearable in under 30 minutes? Especially something as pretty as this bracelet?

Tools: Round-nose pliers
Materials: Memory Wire, Tube Facetted 20x8mm Crystal Blue Iris Half Coat, Czech Fire Polished Beads, Glass Peacock Dagger 17x7mm Black Vitrail, Grey Glass Pearls, Silver Metallic 4mm Beads, Glass Icy Coin 20mm Gold Metallic, Lanterns 8MM Smokey AB

Memory wire is such a great way to learn how to bead. For a lot of friends, I am certain that making a few memory wire bracelets is the reason they went down a whole jewelry making path.

You can use the beads shown in this example, or use your own selection. This type of mix & match bracelet is great for using those leftover beads from other projects!
Simply cut your desired length of wire and make a loop at one end of your bracelet. Then string on your beads.

Here you can see: 1. Facetted Tubes, 2. Fire Polished Beads, 3. Glass Peacock Dagger, 4. Glass Pearls, 5. Silver Metallic Beads

When you're done, make another loop with your pliers to finish the bracelet. It's that simple!

by Carmi Cimicata

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