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  • Tila 2-hole Beads Flower Bracelet

    Tila 2-hole Beads Flower Bracelet

    Here's a tutorial showing the process of making a bead flower bracelet, provided by Miyuki Co. Ltd. Finished size: About 18cm Materials: Tila 2-hole beads, Delica beads, 6mm fire-polished beads, nylon beading threadTools: Scissors, ruler, tape, awl, beading needles 1....

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  • Faux Soldering with Apoxie Sculpt

    Faux Soldering with Apoxie Sculpt

    Create the look of a soldered pendant without the need for soldering! This technique is great if you don't have access to the tools or space needed for working with flame. Materials: Apoxie Sculpt, microscope slides, photos, fabric or artwork, jump ring, Gilder's paste It starts with Apoxie Sculpt
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  • Kumihimo Bracelet or Watch Strap

    Kumihimo Bracelet or Watch Strap

    Photos by Carmi Cimicata Looking for an easy to make bracelet or watch strap design? Here's a beautiful Kumihimo option you can make in a single sitting! Tools & Materials: Kumihimo Square Plate Kit, cord (Rattail cord, yarn or embroidery...

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  • Feather Necklace with End Crimps

    Feather Necklace with End Crimps

    by Carmi Cimicata Materials used: End crimps, rattail cord, waxed cotton cord, Ladakhi beads, feathers, hook & eye clasp, jump rings Before the launch of these new End Crimps, I really didn’t give much thought to my necklace or bracelet...

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  • Artistic Wire Mesh

    Artistic Wire Mesh

    While we no longer carry this product, we're keeping this tutorial online to help folks using similar products so they can easily see how it might be used.Artistic Wire Mesh is permanently colored copper wire woven into a mesh tube...

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  • Easy Memory Wire Bracelet

    Easy Memory Wire Bracelet

    Isn’t it wonderful when you can create something wearable in under 30 minutes? Especially something as pretty as this bracelet? Tools: Round-nose pliersMaterials: Memory Wire, Tube Facetted 20x8mm Crystal Blue Iris Half Coat, Czech Fire Polished Beads, Glass Peacock Dagger...

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