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Faux Soldering with Apoxie Sculpt

By Carmi Cimicata

We no longer carry Apoxie Sculpt in our store, but this tutorial remains popular with site visitors so we have left it up for further education!

Create the look of a soldered pendant without the need for soldering! This technique is great if you don't have access to the tools or space needed for working with flame.

Materials: Apoxie Sculpt, microscope slides, photos, fabric or artwork, jump ring, Gilder's paste

It starts with Apoxie Sculpt Super white and microscope slides. (Microscope slides can be purchased in school science supplies section, on Ebay, medical supply stores etc.)

Here is my proposed pendant stack. Two microscope slides and two different paper images.

I have tried Faux Soldering techniques with other products. However nothing created the edge, colour or strength I wanted to protect the glass. Then along cam Apoxie Sculpt which cures rock solid! Ahhhh. Life is getting better and better! As you can see from the photo I pressed Apoxie Sculpt clay in place all along the glass edges.

When The Apoxie Sculpt cured, I coloured it with Gilder’s Paste!

Ta Da! One last tip. Before the Apoxie Sculpt cured I pressed in a jump ring so that now I can use and wear my pendant immediately!

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